Forward was founded in 2017. Our mission is to provide outstanding evidence-based behavioral therapy programs for children and youth with an ASD diagnosis or disorders with similar features. We embrace a comprehensive service model that addresses goals across all areas that effect a child’s life.


We are a center based facility but also provide treatment in a family’s home when a child and family’s circumstances and individual goals dictate a home setting for service provision. Forward maintains a scientist-practitioner model in supporting an active applied research approach to advance the quality of treatment.


The comprehensive model extends beyond early intervention. Other support services include transition services for adolescence and teens, education for parents, and sibling sessions. Finally, our Social-Emotional development programs address social skills training for children and youth with ASD and other related disorders.


Additional services offered by Forward to support the continuum of needs for families includes collaborative support services with consulting physicians, school psychologists, speech language therapists, and marriage & family counselors. The care of the entire family unit is therefore addressed at an individual level. All service are evidence-based and practice-based with ABA as the foundation for all programs.


forward works cooperatively and collaboratively with local school districts, related professional services, and other agencies in the central valley. We wish to be a collaborative part of team decisions and help build resources for families and other agencies in this area. Because our company originated in Clovis and is a part of the community here, the company goals are uniquely oriented to the Central Valley and working with other professionals here in the area.

Our Approach

Using individualized goals as a guide, Forward applies reinforcement, modeling and prompting, rehearsal, and the modification of environmental variables to create meaningful and lasting changes in behavior. Whether the goals are potty training, social skills, self-care skills, academics, communication, or vocational skills, we can help. While the principles and procedures of ABA are established and proven, it is a still a growing field with new effective practices being developed every year. In addition to ABA, we offer a behaviorally-based cognitive approach to learning and development for those working on social skills, coping skills, and reducing defiant or emotional behaviors that are interfering with development.

It is important that your child not only learn how to use a skill during therapy sessions with us but also for those skills to transfer to their daily lives in a natural and meaningful way that will enable them to connect with their friends and family. We achieve this by programming for generalization and maintenance from the outset, providing therapy in the environments in which is it most meaningful (at school, on the baseball field, at a birthday party, etc.), as well as involving parents and other caregivers in each step of our treatment process for consistency and carry over to the home and community.


What Sets Us Apart

  • Applied Verbal Behavior is worked into each Treatment Plan from the start to encourage functional language and communication

  • Use of multiple assessments to determine a well-rounded and complete Treatment Plan for your child across all life’s domains

  • Focus on social skills from the beginning, with many targets being targeted in social situations to prevent rote, robotic responding

  • “Neurotypical” peer models in attendance on a regular basis to allow for modeling of appropriate communication and social skills

  • Ratio sessions to practice not only social development, but to propel each child to a less restrictive therapy setting as they demonstrate growth

  • Small ratios of Certified Behavior Analysts to clients to ensure each child and family gets the attention they need and deserve.

Our Mission 

Forward strives to transform futures by delivering compassionate and collaborative services to individuals with ASD and their families. We accomplish this through our commitment to cultivating authentic relationships with our clients, staff and community which inspires the conditions for achieving meaningful and valuable outcomes for all. 

Our Vision 

To foster HOPE by expanding

opportunities for individuals with ASD, through innovative services and Education. We aim to be a model agency for the community by creating an environment that nurtures individual dignity and purpose.